Social Happiness


Dear Participant,
the International Association for Happiness Psychology devised this survey to globally assess the level of happiness of the populations through validated psychological tests.

By completing the following questionnaire you will know, for free, your level of SOCIAL HAPPINESS (that is, the difference between your score and the mean other participants’ scores) in each of the three components of psychological well-being: Optimism, Emotional State and Perceived Stress.

Due to reasons related to the specific method employed in this research, we kindly ask you not to participate if you are younger than 18 years, or if you are currently abroad (you can do it after your return).

The survey requires to complete a short questionnaire that will be shown to you at the end of this page. It takes an average of seven minutes to complete. The data collected through this questionnaire do not allow the identification of the participant.

The result will be provided in two different formats, depending on whether you want to share with us your e-mail address, or not.

  1. If you will provide your e-mail address, you will shortly receive in your e-mail inbox the link for taking part to the survey and, once the survey will be completed, a detailed report, signed by a licensed psychologist, that describes the components of your psychological well-being. The report will include some professional advices that will help you in boosting your happiness.Click the image to see an example.
    In addition, you will also find the "IsHappyCard", which is usable on Social Networks and described on the next paragraph.

    For more information about this form of participation click here.

  2. If you choose not to provide your e-mail address, you will only be able to visualize an "IsHappyCard" that summarizes your Social Happiness. This card is printable and it can be shared on your Social Networks.
  3. For more information about this different modality of participation click here.

To continue, you can:
  1. Either insert here your E-mail: , copy in the space below the code that you read in the image and then click íSENDí (we suggest this modality, since it allows you to receive a report with more detailed information about your Happiness);
  2. Or only copy in the space below the code that you read in the image and then press SEND (in this case you will not receive the report).

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